By Leo Brown

Behind The Red Hat: A conversation with Leo Brown. In this one hour lecture. Find out about the man behind the hats and makeup.  What drives him? How did he become a psychic? Is he really as nice as he seems? 

Find out about that and a whole lot more! 

Sorry Doesn't Always Make It Right: A course on forgiveness.  In life, we want apologies that we may never get. In this lecture learn how to forgive those that hurt you, start the healing process and most of all, forgive yourself.  

Finding Your Fish: Embracing The Divine Feminine. Have you ever been told you're "too much?"  Has your flame burned too many? Are you wanting to "own" your feminine side?  

In this workshop/lecture. Leo Brown will help tap into your femininity. While showing you that the feminine has more than one face. 

Bound But Determined: How To Be A Disabled Diva. 
Let's face it, we all have a disability. For some of us, it's outside. While for others. It's on the inside. In this powerful lecture. You'll learn how to allow your disability to work for you instead of against you.  

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